Remington Products XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver

Every day there are people who get tired of shaving with a blade. They are tired of getting nicked by dull blades and going through their day with long forgotten toilet paper bits stuck to their face. They are looking for an easy way to get at least ninety percent of the shave with less than twenty percent of the hassle. This leads many to consider electric razors, but then they are faced with at bewildering array of choices. I found the Remington Products XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver while looking for a value priced electric shaver with higher end features and it delivers well on both counts.

Remington Products XR1370 Hyper Series

The XR1370 is a rotary type shaver as opposed to the foil type Remington is better known for. It is made up of three spinning blades each behind its matched screen. The screens are designed with both slots for longer hairs and holes for the shortest stubble to quickly remove all varieties of hair from your face.

Remington Products XR1370

The shave heads are mounted to a head that pivots to keep them against your skin as the angles of your face change. The heads also tilt independently to assure maximum contact throughout your shave and maximum contact means a faster better shave.

Remington XR1370

The combination of the long charge life of the included lithium battery and the digital front display of exactly how much shave time is left on the current charge helps to ensure your razor never dies in the middle of the job. But if it does, Remington also built in a quick charge feature that will provide you with enough power to finish the job with just five minutes in the charger.

Remington Products XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver

It has a sealed design to allow use in the shower for the late sleeper that needs to multitask to get to work on time. It also allows the use of lotions or gels to get the closest possible shave with the least amount of skin irritation.

Remington Products XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver Handle


Features and Benefits

• The entire head pivots to match the overall shape of the area you are shaving while the individual shave heads tilt independently to match the finer curves and contours.

• The shave heads are designed to catch both longer hair and short stubble so you are sure to get everything every time.

• It uses an advanced lithium battery technology that allows for one hour of run time per charge, full recharging in an hour and a half, and a much longer overall life than other battery technologies.

• There is a digital read out on the front that tells you exactly how much shaving time you have left to avoid the dreaded half finished job.

• The XR1370 uses Remington’s WetTech to allow it to be used dry or with shaving lotions or gels and even allows use in the shower.

• The body is designed to fit well in your hand and has a rubberized gripping surface so that you don’t drop it even when it is wet.

• The razor is shipped with a charging stand that doubles as a travel ready case that protects the power button to keep it from being accidentally turned on when packed in your luggage.

• The built in pop up trimmer makes grooming side burns, mustaches, and other facial hair styles easy and quick.

Customer Reviews

The Remington XR1370 received good reviews overall. It was rated at five stars by 33% and 72% of reviewers rated it at least four stars. While the five star reviews were lower than some comparable razors, looking at both four and five star ratings gives a sense that it is a good product, just lacking enough flash to reach the perfect mark.


Several reviewers highly praised the shaving performance of this razor, especially when used in the shower or with gel. The dry shaving performance was mostly rated as average so you may want to look at how you intend to use your razor.

The digital read out on the front of the XR1370 got a lot of complements as did the long lasting charge and the quick recharge. A full charge will allow an hour of shaving and will completely recharge in about an hour and a half. The display keeps you updated with how long your remaining charge will last in real time.

A nice feature that I wonder why no one else has done before is color coding the blades and screens so they are always matched properly. On rotary razors, the screen and the blade will wear together in a way that improves their performance. If they are then mixed up, performance will drop off until they wear to match their new partner. On most razors, this means being very careful when cleaning to make sure each blade and screen set stays together. With the color coding, you are assured of always putting the sets back together the right way.

The charger gets a special mention with its forward thinking lock out feature that blocks access to the power switch so you can pack it without worrying that it will turn on and discharge before you reach your destination.


The biggest complaint was that many didn’t find the shave to meet their standard when used dry. As a dry shaver, the performance of the XR1370 was definitely average but its performance wet was almost universally praised with some even going so far to say it was the best they had experienced with an electric shaver.

One review complained of clogging when shaving with lotion but since I didn’t see this brought up by others, I wonder if it was more due to his technique than to the razor’s design.


After looking at the positive and the not-so-positive reviews, I keep coming back to one thing – the price. This is the most full featured razor that I ever saw at this price point. I have concluded that when my current razor dies, this is very likely to be the one that replaces it. I can’t give a recommendation better than that.