Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver

When looking at electric razors, the first decision you have to make is whether to get a rotary or foil model. Rotary shavers are best for men with course hair or those with hair that does not seem to grow in one direction. A foil razor works best with finer hair that all grows in one direction. It will give you a closer shave than a rotary will but at increased risk of razor burn. Also, foil shavers are not recommended if you fail to shave every day. They don’t handle longer hair well at all. So you have decided that you are a good candidate for a foil razor, now where do you start? To answer that, I researched the Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver and am here to share the results.

Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men's Shaver

The Remington MS2-390 is a foil razor that has a two microscreen design that follows the contours of your face for a very close shave. As is common with foil razors, if you fail to shave every day, you will quickly appreciate the pop up trimmer since you will have to trim all the growth with it before it will be short enough for the microscreen to cut it.

While the battery is older technology, it has a good run time of one hour of shaving. It will also recharge in an hour. To get the most life out of this type of battery, you need to run it all the way down before recharging. This is where the corded feature will help. When the battery is completely discharged, you can finish your shave by plugging it in and then leave it plugged in to recharge after you are done.

Clean up is quick and easy due to its washable design. This is important because without cleaning after every use, foil razors will quickly gum up and loose performance.


Features and Benefits

• The Remington MS2-390 comes with two titanium microscreens and Remington’s ComforTech that follows the contours of your face for a close shave.
• A three position pop up trimmer is included to allow you to easily shape side burns or other facial hair and comes in handy to pre-shave if you have let your beard go for a couple of days.

• The battery is good for about an hour of shaving time and recharges fully with a one hour quick charge.

• When the battery starts to fail to hold a charge, you can continue using it as a corded shaver which will extend the useful life of the razor.

• The design takes advantage of Remington’s CleanShave technology to make clean up as easy as possible.

• A deluxe travel pouch is included making taking it with you on the road easy.

Customer Reviews

As is common with razor reviews, which are so subjective, the MS2-390 was rated five stars by about 32% of reviewers while 62% gave it at least four stars. Few razors seem to get everything right to enough people to get perfect ratings from a high percentage of reviewers but the overall view is positive.


The Remington MS2-390 has a very dedicated following. The shave is considered to be the closest, cleanest you can get without a blade. Many reviewers were purchasing replacements for the third or even fourth time. That shows a brand loyalty that is not often seen these days.

It gets a plus for being usable when plugged in even though this is made possible only because it is not usable wet. Razors that can be used in the shower for obvious safety reasons can’t be used while plugged in.

While several reviewers say the screens and cutters don’t last as long as they should, they are easy to replace and can be found very inexpensively. This means that you will always have the best possible shaving experience as you won’t have to use old, worn out cutters because replacing them isn’t a major expense.


Many reviewers said that the MS2-390 is loud. This is a common problem with foil razors as the design seems to transmit more noise and vibration to your head than rotary designs.

The battery does not have as long a life span as the newer lithium batteries do. This problem can be lessened with proper usage. Be sure that you always fully discharge the battery before plugging it in to recharge. This issue is also mitigated by the fact that you can continue using the razor as a corded model after the battery completely quits.

When using a razor of this type, shaving daily is very important. The foil design does a lousy job after your hair starts getting longer. If you missed a couple of days, using the trimmer to shorten the growth will allow you to get the results you expect.

The last problem that came up over and over is kind of the elephant in the room. The MS2-390 is no longer being manufactured but is widely sought after due to several recommendations in past Consumer Reports. This demand and dwindling supplies has led to some serious price hikes. You will now find it selling for well over three times as much as it was a few years ago. There isn’t any way around this as it is the natural result of the manufacturer stopping production on a very popular item.


The Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver is a high quality razor that gives an incredibly close shave. The complaints it received are due either to the age of the product or to the type of razor it is. There is nothing that sticks out as an obvious reason to avoid it other than the previously mentioned price hikes. The razor does its job and does it well. But there are options available today that are comparable in quality with much lower price points. At what it was selling for a few years ago, it was a steal. Today, unless you are replacing one that you have used for years and can’t live without, I have to recommend looking at your other options.