Remington AQ7A WetTech Rotary Shaver with Lithium Technology Review

Shaving with blades is such a hassle. You wash, lather up, and grab your razor. In the first stroke you discover it is dull so you quickly put toilet paper on your new cuts and start hunting a new razor all while your shaving cream drips all over the bathroom. Then, when you final get done, you have to clean up all the mess you made. Looking for a better way led me to the Remington AQ7A WetTech Rotary Shaver with Lithium Technology so let me share what I discovered.

 Remington AQ7A WetTech Rotary Shaver with Lithium Technology

The AQ7A is a rotary shaver that offers you a close shave without the nicks and cuts that come with using a blade. It also won’t empty your wallet as it is priced comparable to the replacement heads for some other electric razors.

It comes with a long life lithium ion battery that offers around an hour of shaving time on each charge. An excellent feature of the battery and charger is a five minute quick charge that gives you enough juice to finish the job when the battery dies in the middle of your morning shave. No more going around half shaven while waiting for your razor to recharge.

The AQ7A is designed for use wet or dry. It is usable in the shower and/or with lotions or shave gel. This makes it a perfect choice for the ladies who have found that women’s razors fail to give them the smooth legs they are looking for. It also makes it a great razor for men with sensitive skin (I won’t tell anyone).

Remington AQ7A HandleRemington AQ7A Cutter AssemblyRemington AQ7A Shaver


Features and Benefits

• The AQ7A allows you to shave either wet or dry so you can pick the method that gets you the best results and is most convenient.

• It allows you to shave with lotion of gel so you can get the skin conditioning you need while enjoying the convenience of an electric shaver.

• It comes with Remington’s PrecisionPlus shave head technology to give you a close shave whether cutting long hairs or short stubble.

• The body of the razor has a rubberized coating so you have a secure grip on it even when using it in the shower.

• The battery offers an hour of run time, a fast recharge, and a five minute quick charge that gives you three additional minutes to finish up if your battery runs dry in the middle of your shave.

• A waterproof mirror is included in the box to help you shave in the shower if you desire.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for the Remington AQ7A aren’t as overwhelmingly positive as on some other shavers but are good overall. It received five star reviews from 32% and four stars or better from 73%. This says to me that this is a very good product that just lacks some of the bells and whistles that push four star ratings up to five stars. This appears to be a quality basic electric razor at a basic razor price.


The Remington AQ7A is praised for its close shave. It is outclassed by some more expensive razors but with proper technique, you can get a very good shave. The key is to use small circular motions over skin that is pulled tight. It may take a few extra passes to get everything but it will do the job.

The ability to use it wet or dry is also a plus. You can use it as you would any other electric razor on clean, dry skin. Or you can use it with your favorite shave gel or lotion. I would recommend experimenting with both methods and seeing which way gives you the best results as the reviews I found disagree on which method is better. You can also try using it in the shower to see what kind of results you get that way and the non-slip rubberized grip will help make sure you can hang on to it even when wet.

Several reviewers mentioned that this was the easiest electric razor to clean that they have used. This will be good news to anyone that has cleaned a rotary shaver before. The tricky disassembly, the effort to keep the matched comb and blade combination together, and the painstaking scrubbing of each piece with a little brush, all while hoping you can get it back together properly, will just be a bad memory. This means you will clean it more often which will improve both the results you get and the lifespan of your razor.

The lithium ion battery technology allows the AQ7A to be lighter than older versions with their nickel metal hydride batteries. While weighing less, the new batteries also give a longer run time, recharge quicker, last longer, and run the blades at a more constant speed. With the older technology, as the battery discharges, it provides less power and the blades slow, leading to painful pulling instead of cutting. Lithium ion batteries, on the other hand, give a constant output as they discharge, allowing the blades to continue spinning at peak RPM right up until the battery is fully discharged. This means more effective, less painful shaving even when the battery is only half charged.


The biggest complaint about this offering from Remington is the lack of a trimmer. Some people may consider this a deal breaker but you can get a stand-alone trimmer for just a fraction of what you will save buying this razor over many comparable models.

Some people complained about the included docking station while others loved it. Whether you will like it or not depends on how you store your razor. If you keep it tucked away in a cabinet, a regular cord for recharging would work better. If you like to keep your razor out on the counter, the charging station will work very well for you and keep the charge on your razor always topped off.


If you are looking for a good razor at a great price and either don’t need a trimmer or are willing to purchase a stand-alone model, the Remington WetTech Rotary Shaver with Lithium Technology is a good choice. It offers a comparable shave without the bells and whistles and without the bells and whistles price.