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For many years, Philips Norelco has been considered as one of the leading manufacturers of electric shavers in the United States. They produce high quality and efficient electric shavers which are suitable for every man’s needs. They have a solid reputation for producing electric shavers with modern designs, optimum power, high quality of shave, easy to use and free from skin irritation. This company has been in the industry for about 8 decades and they continuously receive the trust of their customers by providing efficient and modern electric shavers.

top philips electric shavers

Shaving unwanted hair, styling beards, side burns, goatees and mustaches have always been an important part of men’s personal grooming routine. Shaving and styling a beard or goatee helps make you look more attractive and well groomed. Because of this, choosing the right brand and model of shaver is often a high priority for many men. There are many companies that offer different types of electric shavers and all the shavers have different designs, features and shaving capabilities. Men should choose their brand of electric shavers according to their personal needs and preferences.

Because there are many different types of electric shavers available choosing the right brand does not have to be a difficult task. However, there are some important things that should be considered when purchasing an electric shaver. First, you need to consider the quality of the shave provided by the electric shaver. Is it capable of shaving according to the shape of your face? Can you easily and conveniently shave your skin according to your preferred style? Can you cut both shorter and longer hair easily? Or does it require you to spend extra time and effort in order to shave your skin properly?

Aside from the quality of shave, it is also important to look at the amount of pressure required by the shaver. There are some brands of electric shavers that require too much pressure to shave clean and smooth, which can be irritating for your skin. Is the electric shaver is capable of shaving both wet and dry skin? There are some shavers which are only capable of shaving dry skin, while some have built-in systems for dry and wet skin so you can use shaving cream, foam or gel.

Some shavers are very easy to maintain and only requires the user to rinse with hot water and soap. There are also some shavers which include cleaning solution so the user won’t have to worry about using extra soap for cleaning the shaving device. Since most electric shavers have built-in rechargeable batteries it is also important to review the amount of time required for the shaver to recharge and how long its fully charged battery will last. All brands of electric shavers have different prices, so you need to make sure that your money will be well spent before purchasing a new electric shaver. To help you decide, let’s look at three models of electric shavers developed by Philips Norelco.

Top 3 Philips Electric Shavers

Philips Norelco 1280X SensoTouch 3D Razor

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor (Series 8000)

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The Norelco SensoTouch 3D is one of the latest models of electric shavers available on the market. It comes with a GyroFlex Contouring System which has three dynamic parts that move independently, pivot around and tilt in order to shave according to the lines of the face. It also has the UltraTrack shaving heads which cut every hair on your skin surface with just a few strokes. The slots are utilized to shave the heavy hair, efficient channels are used to cut longer hair and the holes are utilized to shave off the shortest stubble.

The shaving heads do an excellent job without leaving any stray hair behind. Aside from the UltraTrack and GyroFlex features, this model also comes with an Aquatec system, which allows the user to shave with dry or wet skin. It has a built-in jet clean system with cleaning solution that thoroughly washes, lubricates and cleans the shaving device. This shaving device can be charged very quickly, you just need to charge the device for an hour, and the battery will last for 60 minutes or a maximum of 20 shaving days.


Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

Philips Norelco 1250X42 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

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Philips 1250X provides you with more convenience and comfortable shaving with its innovative features. Just like the previous model of Philips Norelco shavers, this model comes with the GyroFlex System, UltraTrack shaving heads and Aquatec features. Its easy lift & Cut feature allows the user to shave unwanted hair below the skin level and the skin glide makes it easier to shave smoothly.

Its pop-up trimmer is ideal for shaving goatees, a mustache and side burns. The power voltage option of this shaving device can be adjusted from 120 to 240 volts AC, so this electric shaver would be good for international travelers. A cleaning utensil is included in the package, but no jet cleaning solution. Charging time required for the device is one hour, and the battery lasts for 50 minutes or 15 shaving days.


Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch Electric Razor

Philips Norelco PT730

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Philips Norelco PT730 combines classic models of electric shavers with improved functionality and design. This model comes with a Dual Precision System which allows the user to shave both longer hair and short stubble. Some features of modern models of Philips Norelco are also present in this device, such as the Pop-up Trimmer, Super Lift and Cut, Adjustable Power Voltage Option and Flex Head System. This shaving device doesn’t have the Aquatec feature, so it wouldn’t be ideal for shaving with a wet skin. Another drawback is that it takes a long time for this device to recharge. The required charging time is 8 hours and the battery only lasts for 40 minutes or 14 shaving days.


When you examine the three models you will find that the 1280X/47 and the 1250X40X offer flexible features, strong battery life and a list of convenient features. These two shavers offer a good value for the money and will last for the long term. The PT730 is a solid base model shaver but does not offer the fully functional features of the other two models in this review.



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